1. TitleDr
  2. Full NameAlexandra Holland
  3. LocationProvo, Utah , United States of America
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  8. Short BiographyAlex Holland obtained her Chemical Engineering BS (UC Berkeley, 2001) and PhD (U of Washington, Seattle, 2007). Her research interests span three distinct areas: her doctorate emphasis on overlapping phosphate and polyphosphate metabolic regulation in bacteria (U of Washington, Institut Pasteur (Paris), Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah) and Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana)), modeling biomass productivity in unicellular algae for biofuel production (University of Manchester, UK, and Brigham Young University as a Visiting Scholar), and the use of control theory to model complex biological systems (Brigham Young University as a Visiting Scholar).
  9. Research AreasMetabolic Engineering, Algae Biomass Production
  10. InterestsEngineering Control
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