1. TitleDr
  2. Full NamePedro Martins
  3. LocationLisbon , Portugal
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  8. Short BiographySince I am no longer giving lectures, I am writing a book entitled "Design for a Being". Officially I am what British Profs. call "Honorary Prof. Dr." e.g., as if I were retired but actually working and making research perhaps even more than when I was giving my Cybernetic lectures. I got my PhD with Gordon Pask and Heinz von Foesrter and I belong to the third generations of cyberneticians (Ranulph Glanville, Paul Pangaro, Peter Cariani,etc.). In London, thanks to Gordon's circle of friends , I also became friend of men like Ernst von Glass, Karl Popper, john Eccles, etc. together with a lot of people of my age (in those times)like Maturana and Varella. I am now 68. I am married and we have a son
  9. Research AreasArtificial Consciousness
  10. InterestsBeyond my academic activity I am a professional sculptor. I love music, Irish and British poetry,antiques (particularly antique machines), science fiction, history, philosophy- If I had to define myself I would say that I am a (new) Renaissantist-like man-
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