Correction: Impairment of TrkB-PSD-95 Signaling in Angelman Syndrome

  • Cong Cao,
  • Mengia S. Rioult-Pedotti,
  • Paolo Migani,
  • Crystal J. Yu,
  • Rakesh Tiwari,
  • Keykavous Parang,
  • Mark R. Spaller,
  • Dennis J. Goebel,
  • John Marshall
  • Published: March 05, 2013
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/f32bc670-c9cf-4bb0-9376-cd8cfd1053c1

The following information was missing from the Funding section: This study was supported by a Postdoctoral Award (#11POST5820019) from the American Heart Association (R.T.).