Table of Contents: January 2007


A mouse with Cockayne syndrome.

Image Credit: Image by Ingrid van der Pluijm
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Artist impression of the Csb/Xpa mouse model for the progeroid DNA repair disorder Cockayne syndrome. This animal model shows dwarf growth, neurological abnormalities, aging-associated pathology, and premature death. A comparison of the transcriptome of normal and mutant mouse livers revealed a novel link between genome instability and the age-related decline of the somatotroph axis (see van der Pluijm et al., e2).



Evolution, Interactions, and Biological Networks

Joshua S Weitz, Philip N Benfey, Ned S Wingreen


Research Articles

Impaired Genome Maintenance Suppresses the Growth Hormone–Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Axis in Mice with Cockayne Syndrome

Ingrid van der Pluijm, George A Garinis, Renata M. C Brandt, Theo G. M. F Gorgels, Susan W Wijnhoven, Karin E. M Diderich, Jan de Wit, James R Mitchell, Conny van Oostrom, Rudolf Beems, Laura J Niedernhofer, Susana Velasco, Errol C Friedberg, Kiyoji Tanaka, Harry van Steeg, Jan H. J Hoeijmakers, Gijsbertus T. J van der Horst

DNA Damage–Induced Bcl-xL Deamidation Is Mediated by NHE-1 Antiport Regulated Intracellular pH

Rui Zhao, David Oxley, Trevor S Smith, George A Follows, Anthony R Green, Denis R Alexander

Large-Scale Mapping and Validation of Escherichia coli Transcriptional Regulation from a Compendium of Expression Profiles

Jeremiah J Faith, Boris Hayete, Joshua T Thaden, Ilaria Mogno, Jamey Wierzbowski, Guillaume Cottarel, Simon Kasif, James J Collins, Timothy S Gardner

The RNA-Binding Protein KSRP Promotes Decay of β-Catenin mRNA and Is Inactivated by PI3K-AKT Signaling

Roberto Gherzi, Michele Trabucchi, Marco Ponassi, Tina Ruggiero, Giorgio Corte, Christoph Moroni, Ching-Yi Chen, Khalid S Khabar, Jens S Andersen, Paola Briata

Biosynthesis of Selenocysteine on Its tRNA in Eukaryotes

Xue-Ming Xu, Bradley A Carlson, Heiko Mix, Yan Zhang, Kazima Saira, Richard S Glass, Marla J Berry, Vadim N Gladyshev, Dolph L Hatfield

Drug Export Pathway of Multidrug Exporter AcrB Revealed by DARPin Inhibitors

Gaby Sennhauser, Patrick Amstutz, Christophe Briand, Otso Storchenegger, Markus G Grütter


Author Sequence and Credit for Contributions in Multiauthored Publications

Teja Tscharntke, Michael E Hochberg, Tatyana A Rand, Vincent H Resh, Jochen Krauss


Correction: Asymmetrical Reinforcement and Wolbachia Infection in Drosophila

John Jaenike, Kelly Dyer, Chad Cornish, Miranda Minhas