Table of Contents: December 2008


Courtship display of a male clearwing butterfly.

Image Credit: Photograph by Keith Willmott
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All male ithomiine butterflies bear androconial "hairs" on the hindwing, which are actually a cluster of highly modified wing scales, erected during courtship displays. Yellow stripes on a black background are a signal to predators that this Napeogenes inachia, as well as nine other co-mimic species that have converged in both wing pattern and forest microhabitat, are unpalatable (see Elias et al., e300).




Towards an Integrated Framework for Assessing the Vulnerability of Species to Climate Change

Stephen E Williams, Luke P Shoo, Joanne L Isaac, Ary A Hoffmann, Gary Langham

Historical and Philosophical Perspectives


Research Articles

Mutualistic Interactions Drive Ecological Niche Convergence in a Diverse Butterfly Community

Marianne Elias, Zachariah Gompert, Chris Jiggins, Keith Willmott

The Worldwide Variation in Avian Clutch Size across Species and Space

Walter Jetz, Cagan H Sekercioglu, Katrin Böhning-Gaese

High Functional Diversity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Driven by Genetic Drift and Human Demography

Ruth Hershberg, Mikhail Lipatov, Peter M Small, Hadar Sheffer, Stefan Niemann, Susanne Homolka, Jared C Roach, Kristin Kremer, Dmitri A Petrov, Marcus W Feldman, Sebastien Gagneux

Timing Precision in Population Coding of Natural Scenes in the Early Visual System

Gaëlle Desbordes, Jianzhong Jin, Chong Weng, Nicholas A Lesica, Garrett B Stanley, Jose-Manuel Alonso

Identifying Neural Drivers with Functional MRI: An Electrophysiological Validation

Olivier David, Isabelle Guillemain, Sandrine Saillet, Sebastien Reyt, Colin Deransart, Christoph Segebarth, Antoine Depaulis

PKMζ Maintains Spatial, Instrumental, and Classically Conditioned Long-Term Memories

Peter Serrano, Eugenia L Friedman, Jana Kenney, Stephen M Taubenfeld, Joshua M Zimmerman, John Hanna, Cristina Alberini, Ann E Kelley, Stephen Maren, Jerry W Rudy, Jerry C. P Yin, Todd C Sacktor, André A Fenton

The Maternally Expressed WRKY Transcription Factor TTG2 Controls Lethality in Interploidy Crosses of Arabidopsis

Brian P Dilkes, Melissa Spielman, Renate Weizbauer, Brian Watson, Diana Burkart-Waco, Rod J Scott, Luca Comai

Root System Architecture from Coupling Cell Shape to Auxin Transport

Marta Laskowski, Verônica A Grieneisen, Hugo Hofhuis, Colette A. ten Hove, Paulien Hogeweg, Athanasius F. M Marée, Ben Scheres

Microsporidia Are Natural Intracellular Parasites of the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Emily R Troemel, Marie-Anne Félix, Noah K Whiteman, Antoine Barrière, Frederick M Ausubel

Twist-2 Controls Myeloid Lineage Development and Function

Andrew B Sharabi, Melissa Aldrich, Drazen Sosic, Eric N Olson, Alan D Friedman, Sung-Hyung Lee, Si-Yi Chen

Nutrient-Regulated Antisense and Intragenic RNAs Modulate a Signal Transduction Pathway in Yeast

Masafumi Nishizawa, Tae Komai, Yuki Katou, Katsuhiko Shirahige, Takehiko Ito, Akio Toh-e

Modeling a Snap-Action, Variable-Delay Switch Controlling Extrinsic Cell Death

John G Albeck, John M Burke, Sabrina L Spencer, Douglas A Lauffenburger, Peter K Sorger

Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotypes Reveal Cell-Nonautonomous Functions of Oncogenic RAS and the p53 Tumor Suppressor

Jean-Philippe Coppé, Christopher K Patil, Francis Rodier, Yu Sun, Denise P Muñoz, Joshua Goldstein, Peter S Nelson, Pierre-Yves Desprez, Judith Campisi

Tissue-Specific Genetic Control of Splicing: Implications for the Study of Complex Traits

Erin L Heinzen, Dongliang Ge, Kenneth D Cronin, Jessica M Maia, Kevin V Shianna, Willow N Gabriel, Kathleen A Welsh-Bohmer, Christine M Hulette, Thomas N Denny, David B Goldstein

Epigenomic Consequences of Immortalized Plant Cell Suspension Culture

Milos Tanurdzic, Matthew W Vaughn, Hongmei Jiang, Tae-Jin Lee, R. Keith Slotkin, Bryon Sosinski, William F Thompson, R. W Doerge, Robert A Martienssen

BEAF Regulates Cell-Cycle Genes through the Controlled Deposition of H3K9 Methylation Marks into Its Conserved Dual-Core Binding Sites

Eldon Emberly, Roxane Blattes, Bernd Schuettengruber, Magali Hennion, Nan Jiang, Craig M Hart, Emmanuel Käs, Olivier Cuvier

PcG Proteins, DNA Methylation, and Gene Repression by Chromatin Looping

Vijay K Tiwari, Kelly M McGarvey, Julien D.F Licchesi, Joyce E Ohm, James G Herman, Dirk Schübeler, Stephen B Baylin

Activator Control of Nucleosome Occupancy in Activation and Repression of Transcription

Gene O Bryant, Vidya Prabhu, Monique Floer, Xin Wang, Dan Spagna, David Schreiber, Mark Ptashne


Correction: Fish Invasions in the World's River Systems: When Natural Processes Are Blurred by Human Activities

Fabien Leprieur, Olivier Beauchard, Simon Blanchet, Thierry Oberdorff, Sébastien Brosse

Correction: Survival of Migrating Salmon Smolts in Large Rivers With and Without Dams

David W Welch, Erin L Rechisky, Michael C Melnychuk, Aswea D Porter, Carl J Walters, Shaun Clements, Benjamin J Clemens, R. Scott McKinley, Carl Schreck