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Mcm1 (orange) combines with other transcription factors (blue) to regulate genes.

Image Credit: Image by Brian Tuch and Geraldine Kim
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It is widely suspected that gene regulatory networks are highly malleable. To study this plasticity, the evolution of combinatorial gene regulation by Mcm1 and its cofactors was characterized in the yeast lineage (see Tuch et al, e38). In yeast species, Mcm1 (depicted in orange) combines with one of several other transcription factors (depicted in blue) to regulate genes acting in a diverse range of biological processes. Shown here are roughly a hundred of the approximately thousand nucleotide sequences bound by Mcm1 and its cofactors in three yeast species (S. cerevisiae, K. lactis, and C. albicans).


Please Welcome Our First Academic Editor-in-Chief

Theodora Bloom, Jami Dantzker, Christine Ferguson, Liza Gross, Catriona MacCallum, Mark Patterson, Robert Shields, Janelle Weaver, Elizabeth Whiteman

PLoS Biology 2.0

Jonathan A Eisen



Are Animals Autistic Savants

Giorgio Vallortigara, Allan Snyder, Gisela Kaplan, Patrick Bateson, Nicola S Clayton, Lesley J Rogers




Research Articles

Amyloid as a Depot for the Formulation of Long-Acting Drugs

Samir K Maji, David Schubert, Catherine Rivier, Soon Lee, Jean E Rivier, Roland Riek

Distinct Cerebral Pathways for Object Identity and Number in Human Infants

Véronique Izard, Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz, Stanislas Dehaene

Caldendrin–Jacob: A Protein Liaison That Couples NMDA Receptor Signalling to the Nucleus

Daniela C Dieterich, Anna Karpova, Marina Mikhaylova, Irina Zdobnova, Imbritt König, Marco Landwehr, Martin Kreutz, Karl-Heinz Smalla, Karin Richter, Peter Landgraf, Carsten Reissner, Tobias M Boeckers, Werner Zuschratter, Christina Spilker, Constanze I Seidenbecher, Craig C Garner, Eckart D Gundelfinger, Michael R Kreutz

Genetic Deficiency of Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3β Corrects Diabetes in Mouse Models of Insulin Resistance

Katsuya Tanabe, Zhonghao Liu, Satish Patel, Bradley W Doble, Lin Li, Corentin Cras-Méneur, Sara C Martinez, Cris M Welling, Morris F White, Ernesto Bernal-Mizrachi, James R Woodgett, M. Alan Permutt

In Vitro Whole-Genome Analysis Identifies a Susceptibility Locus for HIV-1

Corinne Loeuillet, Samuel Deutsch, Angela Ciuffi, Daniel Robyr, Patrick Taffé, Miguel Muñoz, Jacques S Beckmann, Stylianos E Antonarakis, Amalio Telenti

Surface-Anchored Monomeric Agonist pMHCs Alone Trigger TCR with High Sensitivity

Zhengyu Ma, Kim A Sharp, Paul A Janmey, Terri H Finkel

VirE2: A Unique ssDNA-Compacting Molecular Machine

Wilfried Grange, Myriam Duckely, Sudhir Husale, Susan Jacob, Andreas Engel, Martin Hegner

The Evolution of Combinatorial Gene Regulation in Fungi

Brian B Tuch, David J Galgoczy, Aaron D Hernday, Hao Li, Alexander D Johnson

Transcription Factors Bind Thousands of Active and Inactive Regions in the Drosophila Blastoderm

Xiao-yong Li, Stewart MacArthur, Richard Bourgon, David Nix, Daniel A Pollard, Venky N Iyer, Aaron Hechmer, Lisa Simirenko, Mark Stapleton, Cris L. Luengo Hendriks, Hou Cheng Chu, Nobuo Ogawa, William Inwood, Victor Sementchenko, Amy Beaton, Richard Weiszmann, Susan E Celniker, David W Knowles, Tom Gingeras, Terence P Speed, Michael B Eisen, Mark D Biggin

Invasive Mutualists Erode Native Pollination Webs

Marcelo A Aizen, Carolina L Morales, Juan M Morales