Table of Contents: July 2006


Tail ectoderm markers in the developing ascidian nervous system.

Image Credit: Image by Sébastien Darras
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Shown are the expression patterns of markers of the Ciona intestinalis tail ectoderm in response to the activation of FGF and BMP signaling pathways. These pathways, together with Notch, control medio-lateral patterning and peripheral nervous system specification (See Pasini et al.).



The Most Widespread Symbiosis on Earth

Andreas Brachmann, Martin Parniske

Research Articles

DNA Detection Using Recombination Proteins

Olaf Piepenburg, Colin H Williams, Derek L Stemple, Niall A Armes

B Cell Antigen Receptor Signaling and Internalization Are Mutually Exclusive Events

Ping Hou, Elizabeth Araujo, Tong Zhao, Miao Zhang, Don Massenburg, Margaret Veselits, Colleen Doyle, Aaron R Dinner, Marcus R Clark

Structural Basis for a Munc13–1 Homodimer to Munc13–1/RIM Heterodimer Switch

Jun Lu, Mischa Machius, Irina Dulubova, Han Dai, Thomas C Südhof, Diana R Tomchick, Josep Rizo

Formation of the Ascidian Epidermal Sensory Neurons: Insights into the Origin of the Chordate Peripheral Nervous System

Andrea Pasini, Aldine Amiel, Ute Rothbächer, Agnès Roure, Patrick Lemaire, Sébastien Darras

Dynamic Encoding of Natural Luminance Sequences by LGN Bursts

Nicholas A Lesica, Chong Weng, Jianzhong Jin, Chun-I Yeh, Jose-Manuel Alonso, Garrett B Stanley

Functional Imaging Reveals Numerous Fields in the Monkey Auditory Cortex

Christopher I Petkov, Christoph Kayser, Mark Augath, Nikos K Logothetis

Strigolactones Stimulate Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi by Activating Mitochondria

Arnaud Besserer, Virginie Puech-Pagès, Patrick Kiefer, Victoria Gomez-Roldan, Alain Jauneau, Sébastien Roy, Jean-Charles Portais, Christophe Roux, Guillaume Bécard, Nathalie Séjalon-Delmas

The Genetic Basis of Thermal Reaction Norm Evolution in Lab and Natural Phage Populations

Jennifer L Knies, Rima Izem, Katie L Supler, Joel G Kingsolver, Christina L Burch

Empirical Support for Optimal Virulence in a Castrating Parasite

Knut Helge Jensen, Tom Little, Arne Skorping, Dieter Ebert

Environmental Coupling of Selection and Heritability Limits Evolution

A. J Wilson, J. M Pemberton, J. G Pilkington, D. W Coltman, D. V Mifsud, T. H Clutton-Brock, L. E. B Kruuk

Global Patterns of Geographic Range Size in Birds

C. David L Orme, Richard G Davies, Valerie A Olson, Gavin H Thomas, Tzung-Su Ding, Pamela C Rasmussen, Robert S Ridgely, Ali J Stattersfield, Peter M Bennett, Ian P. F Owens, Tim M Blackburn, Kevin J Gaston

Correspondence and Other Communications

Data Sharing: How Much Doesn't Get Submitted to GenBank?

Mohamed A. F Noor, Katherine J Zimmerman, Katherine C Teeter


Correction: Whole-Genome Analysis of the SHORT-ROOT Developmental Pathway in Arabidopsis

Mitchell P Levesque, Teva Vernoux, Wolfgang Busch, Hongchang Cui, Jean Y Wang, Ikram Blilou, Hala Hassan, Keiji Nakajima, Noritaka Matsumoto, Jan U Lohmann, Ben Scheres, Philip N Benfey