Table of Contents: May 2004

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Working in Arabidopsis, James Carrington and colleagues found that plants lacking DICER-LIKE2 (DCL2) were more susceptible to certain viruses. Plants shown from left to right are: a virus-infected wild-type, virus-infected dcl2 mutant, and an uninfected wild-type (see article).


Open Access and Scientific Societies

Helen Doyle, Andy Gass, Rebecca Kennison


Unsolved Mystery

Book Review/Science in the Media

Niche Markets

Peter Manning, H. Charles J Godfray

Journal Club

Learning to Change

Morten L Kringelbach

Research Articles

A Protein Complex Containing the Conserved Swi2/Snf2-Related ATPase Swr1p Deposits Histone Variant H2A.Z into Euchromatin

Michael. S Kobor, Shivkumar Venkatasubrahmanyam, Marc D Meneghini, Jennifer W Gin, Jennifer L Jennings, Andrew J Link, Hiten D Madhani, Jasper Rine

Mre11 Assembles Linear DNA Fragments into DNA Damage Signaling Complexes

Vincenzo Costanzo, Tanya Paull, Max Gottesman, Jean Gautier

Ras and Gpa2 Mediate One Branch of a Redundant Glucose Signaling Pathway in Yeast

Ying Wang, Michael Pierce, Lisa Schneper, C. Gökçe Güldal, Xiuying Zhang, Saeed Tavazoie, James R Broach

The Genetic Architecture of Parallel Armor Plate Reduction in Threespine Sticklebacks

Pamela F Colosimo, Catherine L Peichel, Kirsten Nereng, Benjamin K Blackman, Michael D Shapiro, Dolph Schluter, David M Kingsley

Genetic and Functional Diversification of Small RNA Pathways in Plants

Zhixin Xie, Lisa K Johansen, Adam M Gustafson, Kristin D Kasschau, Andrew D Lellis, Daniel Zilberman, Steven E Jacobsen, James C Carrington

Accelerated Evolution of the ASPM Gene Controlling Brain Size Begins Prior to Human Brain Expansion

Natalay Kouprina, Adam Pavlicek, Ganeshwaran H Mochida, Gregory Solomon, William Gersch, Young-Ho Yoon, Randall Collura, Maryellen Ruvolo, J. Carl Barrett, C. Geoffrey Woods, Christopher A Walsh, Jerzy Jurka, Vladimir Larionov

Early Myocardial Function Affects Endocardial Cushion Development in Zebrafish

Thomas Bartman, Emily C Walsh, Kuo-Kuang Wen, Melissa McKane, Jihui Ren, Jonathan Alexander, Peter A Rubenstein, Didier Y. R Stainier

A Neutral Model of Transcriptome Evolution

Philipp Khaitovich, Gunter Weiss, Michael Lachmann, Ines Hellmann, Wolfgang Enard, Bjoern Muetzel, Ute Wirkner, Wilhelm Ansorge, Svante Pääbo

Many Ribosomal Protein Genes Are Cancer Genes in Zebrafish

Adam Amsterdam, Kirsten C Sadler, Kevin Lai, Sarah Farrington, Roderick T Bronson, Jacqueline A Lees, Nancy Hopkins