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A virtual bead breaks out of its shell.

Image Credit: Mark J. Dayel, University of California Berkeley
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This 3-D snapshot of a simulation of actin-based bead motility shows a bead having just broken symmetry and about to move off on its "comet tail." The network is deposited symmetrically on the bead surface, as in an in vitro system. The simulation shows that the viscoelastic properties of the network are sufficient to explain the symmetry-breaking and motility phenomena seen in vitro.  The network is shown colored by strain (blue = low, red = high). (See Dayel et al., e1000201.)



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Research Articles

A Disease-Mediated Trophic Cascade in the Serengeti and its Implications for Ecosystem C

Ricardo M. Holdo, Anthony R. E. Sinclair, Andrew P. Dobson, Kristine L. Metzger, Benjamin M. Bolker, Mark E. Ritchie, Robert D. Holt

Circadian and Social Cues Regulate Ion Channel Trafficking

Michael R. Markham, M. Lynne McAnelly, Philip K. Stoddard, Harold H. Zakon

REV-ERBα Participates in Circadian SREBP Signaling and Bile Acid Homeostasis

Gwendal Le Martelot, Thierry Claudel, David Gatfield, Olivier Schaad, Benoît Kornmann, Giuseppe Lo Sasso, Antonio Moschetta, Ueli Schibler

Dendritic Targeting in the Leg Neuropil of Drosophila: The Role of Midline Signalling Molecules in Generating a Myotopic Map

David J. Brierley, Eric Blanc, O. Venkateswara Reddy, K. VijayRaghavan, Darren W. Williams

Loss of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase Kinase 4 (MAP3K4) Reveals a Requirement for MAPK Signalling in Mouse Sex Determination

Debora Bogani, Pam Siggers, Rachel Brixey, Nick Warr, Sarah Beddow, Jessica Edwards, Debbie Williams, Dagmar Wilhelm, Peter Koopman, Richard A. Flavell, Hongbo Chi, Harry Ostrer, Sara Wells, Michael Cheeseman, Andy Greenfield

Dual Regulation by Pairs of Cyclin-Dependent Protein Kinases and Histone Deacetylases Controls G1 Transcription in Budding Yeast

Dongqing Huang, Supipi Kaluarachchi, Dewald van Dyk, Helena Friesen, Richelle Sopko, Wei Ye, Nazareth Bastajian, Jason Moffat, Holly Sassi, Michael Costanzo, Brenda J. Andrews

Group IV Phospholipase A2α Controls the Formation of Inter-Cisternal Continuities Involved in Intra-Golgi Transport

Enrica San Pietro, Mariagrazia Capestrano, Elena V. Polishchuk, Alessio DiPentima, Alvar Trucco, Pasquale Zizza, Stefania Mariggiò, Teodoro Pulvirenti, Michele Sallese, Stefano Tete, Alexander A. Mironov, Christina C. Leslie, Daniela Corda, Alberto Luini, Roman S. Polishchuk

The Mechanochemistry of Endocytosis

Jian Liu, Yidi Sun, David G. Drubin, George F. Oster

Distinct Dynamics of Endocytic Clathrin-Coated Pits and Coated Plaques

Saveez Saffarian, Emanuele Cocucci, Tomas Kirchhausen

Regulated RalBP1 Binding to RalA and PSD-95 Controls AMPA Receptor Endocytosis and LTD

Kihoon Han, Myoung-Hwan Kim, Daniel Seeburg, Jinsoo Seo, Chiara Verpelli, Seungnam Han, Hye Sun Chung, Jaewon Ko, Hyun Woo Lee, Karam Kim, Won Do Heo, Tobias Meyer, Hyun Kim, Carlo Sala, Se-Young Choi, Morgan Sheng, Eunjoon Kim

Negative Regulation of Active Zone Assembly by a Newly Identified SR Protein Kinase

Ervin L. Johnson III, Richard D. Fetter, Graeme W. Davis

In Silico Reconstitution of Actin-Based Symmetry Breaking and Motility

Mark J. Dayel, Orkun Akin, Mark Landeryou, Viviana Risca, Alex Mogilner, R. Dyche Mullins

Exploration of Uncharted Regions of the Protein Universe

Lukasz Jaroszewski, Zhanwen Li, S. Sri Krishna, Constantina Bakolitsa, John Wooley, Ashley M. Deacon, Ian A. Wilson, Adam Godzik