Table of Contents: March 2009


An adult male of the poison frog Dendrobates sylvaticus.

Image Credit: Photograph by Juan C. Santos (University of Texas, Austin).
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This species is a nearly threatened dweller of the Chocoan rainforest of northwestern Ecuador and southwestern Colombia. Its closest relatives are distributed in Central America, whose most-recent common ancestor dispersed over the sea from the Chocó during the formation on the Isthmus of Panamá approximately 2-3 million years ago. Dendrobates sylvaticus is commonly known as the "rana diablito" or the "little devil frog" because of its reddish-orange bright color, its loud strident call, and its significant skin alkaloid load (see Santos et al., e1000056).




Bringing Molecular Tools into Environmental Resource Management: Untangling the Molecules to Policy Pathway

Raphael Sagarin, Jens Carlsson, Michelle Duval, Wilson Freshwater, Matthew H Godfrey, Wayne Litaker, Roldan Muñoz, Rachel Noble, Tom Schultz, Bennett Wynne

Book Reviews/Science in the Media

Open Revolution

Sean R Eddy


Fishing for Prion Protein Function

Roberto Chiesa, David A Harris

Getting the Measure of Positional Information

Johannes Jaeger, Alfonso Martinez-Arias

Research Articles

Amazonian Amphibian Diversity Is Primarily Derived from Late Miocene Andean Lineages

Juan C Santos, Luis A Coloma, Kyle Summers, Janalee P Caldwell, Richard Ree, David C Cannatella

Transmission Dynamics and Prospects for the Elimination of Canine Rabies

Katie Hampson, Jonathan Dushoff, Sarah Cleaveland, Daniel T Haydon, Magai Kaare, Craig Packer, Andy Dobson

Converging Intracranial Markers of Conscious Access

Raphaël Gaillard, Stanislas Dehaene, Claude Adam, Stéphane Clémenceau, Dominique Hasboun, Michel Baulac, Laurent Cohen, Lionel Naccache

A Computational Framework for Ultrastructural Mapping of Neural Circuitry

James R Anderson, Bryan W Jones, Jia-Hui Yang, Marguerite V Shaw, Carl B Watt, Pavel Koshevoy, Joel Spaltenstein, Elizabeth Jurrus, Kannan UV, Ross T Whitaker, David Mastronarde, Tolga Tasdizen, Robert E Marc

Commitment to the Regulatory T Cell Lineage Requires CARMA1 in the Thymus but Not in the Periphery

Michael J Barnes, Philippe Krebs, Nathaniel Harris, Celine Eidenschenk, Rosana Gonzalez-Quintial, Carrie N Arnold, Karine Crozat, Sosathya Sovath, Eva Marie Moresco, Argyrios N Theofilopoulos, Bruce Beutler, Kasper Hoebe

Stepwise Development of MAIT Cells in Mouse and Human

Emmanuel Martin, Emmanuel Treiner, Livine Duban, Lucia Guerri, Hélène Laude, Cécile Toly, Virginie Premel, Anne Devys, Ivan C Moura, Florence Tilloy, Stéphane Cherif, Gabriella Vera, Sylvain Latour, Claire Soudais, Olivier Lantz

Oncogenic Kras Initiates Leukemia in Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Amit J Sabnis, Laurene S Cheung, Monique Dail, Hio Chung Kang, Marianne Santaguida, Michelle L Hermiston, Emmanuelle Passegué, Kevin Shannon, Benjamin S Braun

Two Modes of Transcriptional Activation at Native Promoters by NF-κB p65

Dominic van Essen, Bettina Engist, Gioacchino Natoli, Simona Saccani

Network Features of the Mammalian Circadian Clock

Julie E Baggs, Tom S Price, Luciano DiTacchio, Satchidananda Panda, Garret A FitzGerald, John B Hogenesch

Regulation of Embryonic Cell Adhesion by the Prion Protein

Edward Málaga-Trillo, Gonzalo P Solis, Yvonne Schrock, Corinna Geiss, Lydia Luncz, Venus Thomanetz, Claudia A. O Stuermer

Canalization of Gene Expression in the Drosophila Blastoderm by Gap Gene Cross Regulation

Manu, Svetlana Surkova, Alexander V Spirov, Vitaly V Gursky, Hilde Janssens, Ah-Ram Kim, Ovidiu Radulescu, Carlos E Vanario-Alonso, David H Sharp, Maria Samsonova, John Reinitz

Comparative Functional Analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans and Drosophila melanogaster Proteomes

Sabine P Schrimpf, Manuel Weiss, Lukas Reiter, Christian H Ahrens, Marko Jovanovic, Johan Malmström, Erich Brunner, Sonali Mohanty, Martin J Lercher, Peter E Hunziker, Ruedi Aebersold, Christian von Mering, Michael O Hengartner

Cargo and Dynamin Regulate Clathrin-Coated Pit Maturation

Dinah Loerke, Marcel Mettlen, Defne Yarar, Khuloud Jaqaman, Henry Jaqaman, Gaudenz Danuser, Sandra L Schmid

Quantifying the Integration of Quorum-Sensing Signals with Single-Cell Resolution

Tao Long, Kimberly C Tu, Yufang Wang, Pankaj Mehta, N. P Ong, Bonnie L Bassler, Ned S Wingreen

Mammalian Kinesin-3 Motors Are Dimeric In Vivo and Move by Processive Motility upon Release of Autoinhibition

Jennetta W Hammond, Dawen Cai, T. Lynne Blasius, Zhe Li, Yuyang Jiang, Gloria T Jih, Edgar Meyhofer, Kristen J Verhey

Analysis of the Chloroplast Protein Kinase Stt7 during State Transitions

Sylvain Lemeille, Adrian Willig, Nathalie Depège-Fargeix, Christian Delessert, Roberto Bassi, Jean-David Rochaix

The Active Site of a Carbohydrate Esterase Displays Divergent Catalytic and Noncatalytic Binding Functions

Cedric Montanier, Victoria A Money, Virginia M. R Pires, James E Flint, Benedita A Pinheiro, Arun Goyal, José A. M Prates, Atsushi Izumi, Henrik Stålbrand, Carl Morland, Alan Cartmell, Katarina Kolenova, Evangelos Topakas, Eleanor J Dodson, David N Bolam, Gideon J Davies, Carlos M. G. A Fontes, Harry J Gilbert