Table of Contents: October 2006


Rescue of sun sensitivity and premature aging.

Image Credit: Photo by L. Kallasvee and J. O. Andressoo. Model, Reet Aus
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Rescue of sun sensitivity and premature aging by embryonic lethal Xpd alleles in compound heterozygote mice suggests new thinking about recessive disorders in humans (see Mitchell et al.). Depicted is an artistic representation of the two alleles (light and dark) with a young woman emerging from the dark, symbolizing the rescue effect.

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Research Articles

Stochastic mRNA Synthesis in Mammalian Cells

Arjun Raj, Charles S Peskin, Daniel Tranchina, Diana Y Vargas, Sanjay Tyagi

Stratus Not Altocumulus: A New View of the Yeast Protein Interaction Network

Nizar N Batada, Teresa Reguly, Ashton Breitkreutz, Lorrie Boucher, Bobby-Joe Breitkreutz, Laurence D Hurst, Mike Tyers

CDPKs CPK6 and CPK3 Function in ABA Regulation of Guard Cell S-Type Anion- and Ca2+- Permeable Channels and Stomatal Closure

Izumi C Mori, Yoshiyuki Murata, Yingzhen Yang, Shintaro Munemasa, Yong-Fei Wang, Shannon Andreoli, Hervé Tiriac, Jose M Alonso, Jeffery F Harper, Joseph R Ecker, June M Kwak, Julian I Schroeder

Generalization of Motor Learning Depends on the History of Prior Action

John W Krakauer, Pietro Mazzoni, Ali Ghazizadeh, Roshni Ravindran, Reza Shadmehr

Implicit Multisensory Associations Influence Voice Recognition

Katharina von Kriegstein, Anne-Lise Giraud

Rescue of Progeria in Trichothiodystrophy by Homozygous Lethal Xpd Alleles

Jaan-Olle Andressoo, Judith Jans, Jan de Wit, Frederic Coin, Deborah Hoogstraten, Marieke van de Ven, Wendy Toussaint, Jan Huijmans, H. Bing Thio, Wibeke J van Leeuwen, Jan de Boer, Jean-Marc Egly, Jan H. J Hoeijmakers, Gijsbertus T. J van der Horst, James R Mitchell

A Conserved Supergene Locus Controls Colour Pattern Diversity in Heliconius Butterflies

Mathieu Joron, Riccardo Papa, Margarita Beltrán, Nicola Chamberlain, Jesús Mavárez, Simon Baxter, Moisés Abanto, Eldredge Bermingham, Sean J Humphray, Jane Rogers, Helen Beasley, Karen Barlow, Richard H. ffrench-Constant, James Mallet, W. Owen McMillan, Chris D Jiggins

Strict Host-Symbiont Cospeciation and Reductive Genome Evolution in Insect Gut Bacteria

Takahiro Hosokawa, Yoshitomo Kikuchi, Naruo Nikoh, Masakazu Shimada, Takema Fukatsu

Asymmetrical Reinforcement and Wolbachia Infection in Drosophila

John Jaenike, Kelly A Dyer, Chad Cornish, Miranda S Minhas


Correction: Evolution of Melanopsin Photoreceptors: Discovery and Characterization of a New Melanopsin in Nonmammalian Vertebrates

James Bellingham, Shyam S Chaurasia, Zara Melyan, Cuimei Liu, Morven A Cameron, Emma E Tarttelin, P. Michael Iuvone, Mark W Hankins, Gianluca Tosini, Robert J Lucas