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Signaling sex determination.

Image Credit: Photograph by Yuna Kim
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The image was produced by confocal laser scanning microscopy of XY mouse embryonic gonads at 12.5 days post-coitum. Sertoli cells, stained by indirect fluorescence for SOX9 (purple), enclose gonocytes marked by PECAM (green) in testis cords. Testicular vasculature outside cords is visualized by endothelial cell staining for PECAM (See Capel et al.).


Instituting Change

Hemai Parthasarathy


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All for All

John Sulston


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Research Articles

X Chromosomes Alternate between Two States prior to Random X-Inactivation

Susanna Mlynarczyk-Evans, Morgan Royce-Tolland, Mary Kate Alexander, Angela A Andersen, Sundeep Kalantry, Joost Gribnau, Barbara Panning

Chromosomal Distribution of PcG Proteins during Drosophila Development

Nicolas Nègre, Jérôme Hennetin, Ling V Sun, Sergey Lavrov, Michel Bellis, Kevin P White, Giacomo Cavalli

High Guanine and Cytosine Content Increases mRNA Levels in Mammalian Cells

Grzegorz Kudla, Leszek Lipinski, Fanny Caffin, Aleksandra Helwak, Maciej Zylicz

Linking Splicing to Pol II Transcription Stabilizes Pre-mRNAs and Influences Splicing Patterns

Martin J Hicks, Chin-Rang Yang, Matthew V Kotlajich, Klemens J Hertel

Dynamic Interaction of TTDA with TFIIH Is Stabilized by Nucleotide Excision Repair in Living Cells

Giuseppina Giglia-Mari, Catherine Miquel, Arjan F Theil, Pierre-Olivier Mari, Deborah Hoogstraten, Jessica M. Y Ng, Christoffel Dinant, Jan H. J Hoeijmakers, Wim Vermeulen

Fgf9 and Wnt4 Act as Antagonistic Signals to Regulate Mammalian Sex Determination

Yuna Kim, Akio Kobayashi, Ryohei Sekido, Leo DiNapoli, Jennifer Brennan, Marie-Christine Chaboissier, Francis Poulat, Richard R Behringer, Robin Lovell-Badge, Blanche Capel

Neuronal Oscillations Enhance Stimulus Discrimination by Ensuring Action Potential Precision

Andreas T Schaefer, Kamilla Angelo, Hartwig Spors, Troy W Margrie

How a Lateralized Brain Supports Symmetrical Bimanual Tasks

Roland S Johansson, Anna Theorin, Göran Westling, Mikael Andersson, Yukari Ohki, Lars Nyberg

Resistance Evolution to Bt Crops: Predispersal Mating of European Corn Borers

Ambroise Dalecky, Sergine Ponsard, Richard I Bailey, Céline Pélissier, Denis Bourguet

Climate, Deer, Rodents, and Acorns as Determinants of Variation in Lyme-Disease Risk

Richard S Ostfeld, Charles D Canham, Kelly Oggenfuss, Raymond J Winchcombe, Felicia Keesing

Metabolic Complementarity and Genomics of the Dual Bacterial Symbiosis of Sharpshooters

Dongying Wu, Sean C Daugherty, Susan E Van Aken, Grace H Pai, Kisha L Watkins, Hoda Khouri, Luke J Tallon, Jennifer M Zaborsky, Helen E Dunbar, Phat L Tran, Nancy A Moran, Jonathan A Eisen