Table of Contents: March 2006


Centriole pair integrity during mitosis.

Image Credit: Image by Kimberly M. McDermott
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A human mammary epithelial cell stained to visualize the microtubule spindles (α-tubulin), centrioles (centrin 2), and chromosomes (DAPI). The image is represented by four different color combinations, modified using Photoshop software. Splitting of centriole pairs in primary cells leads to multipolar spindles and causes mis-segregation of chromosomes during mitosis (aneuploidy). See McDermott et al.


Being Positive about Selection

Catriona MacCallum, Emma Hill

Book Review/Science in the Media

Toward a Climate of Scientific Integrity

Beth A Fischer, Michael J Zigmond


Community Page

Plant Virus Biodiversity and Ecology

Jonathan D Wren, Marilyn J Roossinck, Richard S Nelson, Kay Scheets, Michael W Palmer, Ulrich Melcher

Research Articles

Reconstructing an Ancestral Mammalian Immune Supercomplex from a Marsupial Major Histocompatibility Complex

Katherine Belov, Janine E Deakin, Anthony T Papenfuss, Michelle L Baker, Sandra D Melman, Hannah V Siddle, Nicolas Gouin, David L Goode, Tobias J Sargeant, Mark D Robinson, Matthew J Wakefield, Shaun Mahony, Joseph G. R Cross, Panayiotis V Benos, Paul B Samollow, Terence P Speed, Jennifer A. Marshall Graves, Robert D Miller

A New Description of Cellular Quiescence

Hilary A Coller, Liyun Sang, James M Roberts

p16INK4a Prevents Centrosome Dysfunction and Genomic Instability in Primary Cells

Kimberly M McDermott, Jianmin Zhang, Charles R Holst, B. Krystyna Kozakiewicz, Veena Singla, Thea D Tlsty

Gene Losses during Human Origins

Xiaoxia Wang, Wendy E Grus, Jianzhi Zhang

Insect Detection of Small Targets Moving in Visual Clutter

Karin Nordström, Paul D Barnett, David C O'Carroll

Visual Clutter Causes High-Magnitude Errors

Stefano Baldassi, Nicola Megna, David C Burr

Removing the Threat of Diclofenac to Critically Endangered Asian Vultures

Gerry Swan, Vinasan Naidoo, Richard Cuthbert, Rhys E Green, Deborah J Pain, Devendra Swarup, Vibhu Prakash, Mark Taggart, Lizette Bekker, Devojit Das, Jörg Diekmann, Maria Diekmann, Elmarié Killian, Andy Meharg, Ramesh Chandra Patra, Mohini Saini, Kerri Wolter

Complete Mitochondrial Genome and Phylogeny of Pleistocene MammothMammuthus primigenius

Evgeny I Rogaev, Yuri K Moliaka, Boris A Malyarchuk, Fyodor A Kondrashov, Miroslava V Derenko, Ilya Chumakov, Anastasia P Grigorenko

A Stress Surveillance System Based on Calcium and Nitric Oxide in Marine Diatoms

Assaf Vardi, Fabio Formiggini, Raffaella Casotti, Alessandra De Martino, François Ribalet, Antonio Miralto, Chris Bowler

The Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Dα7 Is Required for an Escape Behavior inDrosophila

Amir Fayyazuddin, Mahira A Zaheer, P. Robin Hiesinger, Hugo J Bellen

Glutamine-Expanded Ataxin-7 Alters TFTC/STAGA Recruitment and Chromatin Structure Leading to Photoreceptor Dysfunction

Dominique Helmlinger, Sara Hardy, Gretta Abou-Sleymane, Adrien Eberlin, Aaron B Bowman, Anne Gansmüller, Serge Picaud, Huda Y Zoghbi, Yvon Trottier, Làszlò Tora, Didier Devys

A Map of Recent Positive Selection in the Human Genome

Benjamin F Voight, Sridhar Kudaravalli, Xiaoquan Wen, Jonathan K Pritchard

The Cutaneous Rabbit Illusion Affects Human Primary Sensory Cortex Somatotopically

Felix Blankenburg, Christian C Ruff, Ralf Deichmann, Geraint Rees, Jon Driver

Correspondence and Other Communications

Neuromedin U and Its Putative Drosophila Homolog hugin

Christoph Melcher, Rüdiger Bader, Steffen Walther, Oleg Simakov, Michael J Pankratz