Table of Contents: December 2004


An Amur tiger, (Panthera tigris altaica), in the snow of Russia's Far East.

Image Credit: Photograph by Vasilij Solkin
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Population genetic analysis provides evidence for six extant subspecies of tiger: the Amur, Indochinese, Malayan, Sumatran, Bengal, and, tentatively, South China tigers. The data will lead to improved conservation strategies for these endangered animals. The cover shows an Amur tiger, one of the last 500 surviving in the Russian Far East. (See Luo, et al.)



Ecology's Big, Hot Idea

John Whitfield

Book Review/Science in the Media



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Regional Societies: Fostering Competitive Research Through Virtual Infrastructures

Steven F Jennings, Andrey A Ptitsyn, Dawn Wilkins, Russel E Bruhn, William Slikker Jr, Jonathan D Wren

Research Articles

Algorithmic Self-Assembly of DNA Sierpinski Triangles

Paul W. K Rothemund, Nick Papadakis, Erik Winfree

Secreted Bacterial Effectors and Host-Produced Eiger/TNF Drive Death in a Salmonella-Infected Fruit Fly

Stephanie M Brandt, Marc S Dionne, Ranjiv S Khush, Linh N Pham, Thomas J Vigdal, David S Schneider

Replication of Norovirus in Cell Culture Reveals a Tropism for Dendritic Cells and Macrophages

Christiane E Wobus, Stephanie M Karst, Larissa B Thackray, Kyeong-Ok Chang, Stanislav V Sosnovtsev, Gaël Belliot, Anne Krug, Jason M Mackenzie, Kim Y Green, Herbert W. Virgin IV

Components of Coated Vesicles and Nuclear Pore Complexes Share a Common Molecular Architecture

Damien Devos, Svetlana Dokudovskaya, Frank Alber, Rosemary Williams, Brian T Chait, Andrej Sali, Michael P Rout

A Chemoattractant Role for NT-3 in Proprioceptive Axon Guidance

Barış Genç, P. Hande Özdinler, April E Mendoza, Reha S Erzurumlu

Lmo Mutants Reveal a Novel Role for Circadian Pacemaker Neurons in Cocaine-Induced Behaviors

Linus T.-Y Tsai, Roland J Bainton, Justin Blau, Ulrike Heberlein

Parallel Chemical Genetic and Genome-Wide RNAi Screens Identify Cytokinesis Inhibitors and Targets

Ulrike S Eggert, Amy A Kiger, Constance Richter, Zachary E Perlman, Norbert Perrimon, Timothy J Mitchison, Christine M Field

Use of a Dense Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Map for In Silico Mapping in the Mouse

Mathew T Pletcher, Philip McClurg, Serge Batalov, Andrew I Su, S. Whitney Barnes, Erica Lagler, Ron Korstanje, Xiaosong Wang, Deborah Nusskern, Molly A Bogue, Richard J Mural, Beverly Paigen, Tim Wiltshire

DNA Methylation Profiling of the Human Major Histocompatibility Complex: A Pilot Study for the Human Epigenome Project

Vardhman K Rakyan, Thomas Hildmann, Karen L Novik, Jörn Lewin, Jörg Tost, Antony V Cox, T. Dan Andrews, Kevin L Howe, Thomas Otto, Alexander Olek, Judith Fischer, Ivo G Gut, Kurt Berlin, Stephan Beck

Distinct Genomic Integration of MLV and SIV Vectors in Primate Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells

Peiman Hematti, Bum-Kee Hong, Cole Ferguson, Rima Adler, Hideki Hanawa, Stephanie Sellers, Ingeborg E Holt, Craig E Eckfeldt, Yugal Sharma, Manfred Schmidt, Christof von Kalle, Derek A Persons, Eric M Billings, Catherine M Verfaillie, Arthur W Nienhuis, Tyra G Wolfsberg, Cynthia E Dunbar, Boris Calmels

A Transcriptional Profile of Aging in the Human Kidney

Graham E. J Rodwell, Rebecca Sonu, Jacob M Zahn, James Lund, Julie Wilhelmy, Lingli Wang, Wenzhong Xiao, Michael Mindrinos, Emily Crane, Eran Segal, Bryan D Myers, James D Brooks, Ronald W Davis, John Higgins, Art B Owen, Stuart K Kim

Conservation and Evolution of Cis-Regulatory Systems in Ascomycete Fungi

Audrey P Gasch, Alan M Moses, Derek Y Chiang, Hunter B Fraser, Mark Berardini, Michael B Eisen

Patterns of Intron Gain and Loss in Fungi

Cydney B Nielsen, Brad Friedman, Bruce Birren, Christopher B Burge, James E Galagan

Convergent Evolution of Chromosomal Sex-Determining Regions in the Animal and Fungal Kingdoms

James A Fraser, Stephanie Diezmann, Ryan L Subaran, Andria Allen, Klaus B Lengeler, Fred S Dietrich, Joseph Heitman

The Genetics of Speciation by Reinforcement

Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos, Brian A Counterman, Mohamed A. F Noor

Phylogeography and Genetic Ancestry of Tigers (Panthera tigris)

Shu-Jin Luo, Jae-Heup Kim, Warren E Johnson, Joelle van der Walt, Janice Martenson, Naoya Yuhki, Dale G Miquelle, Olga Uphyrkina, John M Goodrich, Howard B Quigley, Ronald Tilson, Gerald Brady, Paolo Martelli, Vellayan Subramaniam, Charles McDougal, Sun Hean, Shi-Qiang Huang, Wenshi Pan, Ullas K Karanth, Melvin Sunquist, James L. D Smith, Stephen J O'Brien

Measuring Global Trends in the Status of Biodiversity: Red List Indices for Birds

Stuart H. M Butchart, Alison J Stattersfield, Leon A Bennun, Sue M Shutes, H. Resit Akçakaya, Jonathan E. M Baillie, Simon N Stuart, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Georgina M Mace