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The sites of retorvirus integration overlayed on a schematic of the human genome.

Image Credit: Chromosome image by Huaming Chen, Salk Institute. Design by Jamie Simon, Salk Institute
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Sites of retroviral integration are shown arrayed on the human chromosomes. Orange "lollipops" indicate sites of HIV integration; green, MLV; and pink, ASLV. The density of genes on each chromosome is shown by the blue shading. The background shows a high-density microarray such as those used to study the relationship between integration and gene activity. (See Mitchell, et al.)



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Nicotine's Defensive Function in Nature

Anke Steppuhn, Klaus Gase, Bernd Krock, Rayko Halitschke, Ian T Baldwin

Spontaneous Autoimmunity in 129 and C57BL/6 Mice—Implications for Autoimmunity Described in Gene-Targeted Mice

Anne E Bygrave, Kirsten L Rose, Josefina Cortes-Hernandez, Joanna Warren, Robert J Rigby, H. Terence Cook, Mark J Walport, Timothy J Vyse, Marina Botto

Cellular Immune Response to Parasitization in Drosophila Requires the EBF Orthologue Collier

Michèle Crozatier, Jean-Michel Ubeda, Alain Vincent, Marie Meister

Retroviral DNA Integration: ASLV, HIV, and MLV Show Distinct Target Site Preferences

Rick S Mitchell, Brett F Beitzel, Astrid R. W Schroder, Paul Shinn, Huaming Chen, Charles C Berry, Joseph R Ecker, Frederic D Bushman

The Telomeric Protein TRF2 Binds the ATM Kinase and Can Inhibit the ATM-Dependent DNA Damage Response

Jan Karlseder, Kristina Hoke, Olga K Mirzoeva, Christopher Bakkenist, Michael B Kastan, John H. J Petrini, Titia de Lange

The Regenerative Plasticity of Isolated Urodele Myofibers and Its Dependence on Msx1

Anoop Kumar, Cristiana P Velloso, Yutaka Imokawa, Jeremy P Brockes

A Focused and Efficient Genetic Screening Strategy in the Mouse: Identification of Mutations That Disrupt Cortical Development

Konstantinos Zarbalis, Scott R May, Yiguo Shen, Marc Ekker, John L. R Rubenstein, Andrew S Peterson

The Zebrafish moonshine Gene Encodes Transcriptional Intermediary Factor 1γ, an Essential Regulator of Hematopoiesis

David G Ransom, Nathan Bahary, Knut Niss, David Traver, Caroline Burns, Nikolaus S Trede, Noelle Paffett-Lugassy, Walter J Saganic, C. Anthoney Lim, Candace Hersey, Yi Zhou, Bruce A Barut, Shuo Lin, Paul D Kingsley, James Palis, Stuart H Orkin, Leonard I Zon

IRE1-Independent Gain Control of the Unfolded Protein Response

Jess H Leber, Sebastián Bernales, Peter Walter

Synaptotagmin VII Restricts Fusion Pore Expansion during Lysosomal Exocytosis

Jyoti K Jaiswal, Sabyasachi Chakrabarti, Norma W Andrews, Sanford M Simon

Forgetting, Reminding, and Remembering: The Retrieval of Lost Spatial Memory

Livia de Hoz, Stephen J Martin, Richard G. M Morris