Table of Contents: April 2004


A female olive baboon (Papio anubis).

Image Credit: Photograph by Frans de Waal
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Robert Sapolsky and Lisa Share show that olive baboons (Papio anubis) can acquire a more pacific culture and that females, such as this one, help maintain the peaceful behavior of males (see article). Frans de Waal explores whether such studies can shed light on human aggression (see article).


Who Pays for Open Access?

Helen Doyle, Andy Gass, Rebecca Kennison


Reason as Our Guide

Elizabeth Blackburn, Janet Rowley


Book Review/Science in the Media

When Food Kills

John Krebs

Journal Club

The Cytoskeleton In Vivo

Beatriz García Fernández


Community Page

Research Articles

Dissection and Design of Yeast Prions

Lev Z Osherovich, Brian S Cox, Mick F Tuite, Jonathan S Weissman

Segmentally Variable Genes:A New Perspective on Adaptation

Yu Zheng, Richard J Roberts, Simon Kasif

Sequence-Specific Inhibition of Small RNA Function

György Hutvágner, Martin J Simard, Craig C Mello, Phillip D Zamore

A Nuclear Function for Armadillo/β-Catenin

Nicholas S Tolwinski, Eric Wieschaus

Calcium Dynamics of Cortical Astrocytic Networks In Vivo

Hajime Hirase, Lifen Qian, Peter Barthó, György Buzsáki

Neural Activity When People Solve Verbal Problems with Insight

Mark Jung-Beeman, Edward M Bowden, Jason Haberman, Jennifer L Frymiare, Stella Arambel-Liu, Richard Greenblatt, Paul J Reber, John Kounios

Mimotopes for Alloreactive and Conventional T Cells in a Peptide–MHC Display Library

Frances Crawford, Eric Huseby, Janice White, Philippa Marrack, John W Kappler

Correspondence and Other Communications

Avoiding URL Reference Degradation in Scientific Publications

Desiree P Kelly, Eric J Hester, Kathryn R Johnson, Lauren F Heilig, Amanda L Drake, Lisa M Schilling, Robert P Dellavalle