Table of Contents: October 2013


PLZF regulates progenitor maintenance and differentiation in the central spinal cord

Image Credit: Zachary Gaber and Bennett Novitch
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PLZF expression (in red) sustains neural progenitor proliferation and regulates the onset of Neurog2 expression (in blue) and formation of Lhx1/5+ interneurons (in green) in a chick embryo central spinal cord section. See Gaber et al. (e1001676) for more details.


Expert Failure: Re-evaluating Research Assessment

Jonathan A. Eisen, Catriona J. MacCallum, Cameron Neylon


A Sea of Change

Jonathan Chase



Book Review/Science in the Media



Research Articles

Biotic and Human Vulnerability to Projected Changes in Ocean Biogeochemistry over the 21st Century

Camilo Mora, Chih-Lin Wei, Audrey Rollo, Teresa Amaro, Amy R. Baco, David Billett, Laurent Bopp, Qi Chen, Mark Collier, Roberto Danovaro, Andrew J. Gooday, Benjamin M. Grupe, Paul R. Halloran, Jeroen Ingels, Daniel O. B. Jones, Lisa A. Levin, Hideyuki Nakano, Karl Norling, Eva Ramirez-Llodra, Michael Rex, Henry A. Ruhl, Craig R. Smith, Andrew K. Sweetman, Andrew R. Thurber, Jerry F. Tjiputra, Paolo Usseglio, Les Watling, Tongwen Wu, Moriaki Yasuhara

Fitness Trade-offs Restrict the Evolution of Resistance to Amphotericin B

Benjamin Matteson Vincent, Alex Kelvin Lancaster, Ruth Scherz-Shouval, Luke Whitesell, Susan Lindquist

The Interaction between a Sexually Transferred Steroid Hormone and a Female Protein Regulates Oogenesis in the Malaria Mosquito Anopheles gambiae

Francesco Baldini, Paolo Gabrieli, Adam South, Clarissa Valim, Francesca Mancini, Flaminia Catteruccia

A Critical Role for the Hippocampus in the Valuation of Imagined Outcomes

Maël Lebreton, Maxime Bertoux, Claire Boutet, Stéphane Lehericy, Bruno Dubois, Philippe Fossati, Mathias Pessiglione

The Impact of Gene Expression Variation on the Robustness and Evolvability of a Developmental Gene Regulatory Network

David A. Garfield, Daniel E. Runcie, Courtney C. Babbitt, Ralph Haygood, William J. Nielsen, Gregory A. Wray

Functional Brachyury Binding Sites Establish a Temporal Read-out of Gene Expression in the Ciona Notochord

Lavanya Katikala, Hitoshi Aihara, Yale J. Passamaneck, Stefan Gazdoiu, Diana S. José-Edwards, Jamie E. Kugler, Izumi Oda-Ishii, Janice H. Imai, Yutaka Nibu, Anna Di Gregorio

Identification of a New Stromal Cell Type Involved in the Regulation of Inflamed B Cell Follicles

Cyrille Mionnet, Isabelle Mondor, Audrey Jorquera, Marie Loosveld, Julien Maurizio, Marie-Laure Arcangeli, Nancy H. Ruddle, Jonathan Nowak, Michel Aurrand-Lions, Hervé Luche, Marc Bajénoff

TGF-β Signalling Is Required for CD4+ T Cell Homeostasis But Dispensable for Regulatory T Cell Function

Anna Śledzińska, Saskia Hemmers, Florian Mair, Oliver Gorka, Jürgen Ruland, Lynsey Fairbairn, Anja Nissler, Werner Müller, Ari Waisman, Burkhard Becher, Thorsten Buch

NECAP 1 Regulates AP-2 Interactions to Control Vesicle Size, Number, and Cargo During Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis

Brigitte Ritter, Sebastian Murphy, Hatem Dokainish, Martine Girard, Manasa V. Gudheti, Guennadi Kozlov, Marilene Halin, Jacynthe Philie, Erik M. Jorgensen, Kalle Gehring, Peter S. McPherson

Deciphering the Structural Basis of Eukaryotic Protein Kinase Regulation

Hiruy S. Meharena, Philip Chang, Malik M. Keshwani, Krishnadev Oruganty, Aishwarya K. Nene, Natarajan Kannan, Susan S. Taylor, Alexandr P. Kornev

Design Principles of the Yeast G1/S Switch

Xiaojing Yang, Kai-Yeung Lau, Volkan Sevim, Chao Tang