Table of Contents: August 2012


Brain vasculature formation.

Image Credit: Jiulin Du
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The formation of blood vessel networks in the midbrain is captured during development with in vivo long-term serial confocal imaging of intact transgenic zebrafish Tg(kdrl:eGFP), in which vascular endothelial cells express green fluorescent protein. The fate of each vessel segment and endothelial cell is traced in the 3-dimensional vasculature. Besides angiogenic sprouting (filopodium-like process), developing brain vasculature also undergoes extensive blood flow-driven vessel pruning (collapse-like segment), which simplifies the vessel network. This picture represents a projected image of the midbrain vasculature in a larval zebrafish. See Chen et al. (e1001374) in this issue.



Inclusion of Residual Tissue in Biobanks: Opt-In or Opt-Out?

Noor A. A. Giesbertz, Annelien L. Bredenoord, Johannes J. M. van Delden



Community Page

The Human Microbiome Project: A Community Resource for the Healthy Human Microbiome

Dirk Gevers, Rob Knight, Joseph F. Petrosino, Katherine Huang, Amy L. McGuire, Bruce W. Birren, Karen E. Nelson, Owen White, Barbara A. Methé, Curtis Huttenhower

Research Articles

Clade Age and Species Richness Are Decoupled Across the Eukaryotic Tree of Life

Daniel L. Rabosky, Graham J. Slater, Michael E. Alfaro

Evolutionarily Repurposed Networks Reveal the Well-Known Antifungal Drug Thiabendazole to Be a Novel Vascular Disrupting Agent

Hye Ji Cha, Michelle Byrom, Paul E. Mead, Andrew D. Ellington, John B. Wallingford, Edward M. Marcotte

Haemodynamics-Driven Developmental Pruning of Brain Vasculature in Zebrafish

Qi Chen, Luan Jiang, Chun Li, Dan Hu, Ji-wen Bu, David Cai, Jiu-lin Du

CULLIN-3 Controls TIMELESS Oscillations in the Drosophila Circadian Clock

Brigitte Grima, Alexandre Dognon, Annie Lamouroux, Elisabeth Chélot, François Rouyer

The Germinal Center Kinase TNIK Is Required for Canonical NF-κB and JNK Signaling in B-Cells by the EBV Oncoprotein LMP1 and the CD40 Receptor

Anna Shkoda, Jennifer A. Town, Janine Griese, Michael Romio, Hakan Sarioglu, Thomas Knöfel, Fabian Giehler, Arnd Kieser

LAB-1 Targets PP1 and Restricts Aurora B Kinase upon Entrance into Meiosis to Promote Sister Chromatid Cohesion

Yonatan B. Tzur, Carlos Egydio de Carvalho, Saravanapriah Nadarajan, Ivo Van Bostelen, Yanjie Gu, Diana S. Chu, Iain M. Cheeseman, Monica P. Colaiácovo

Stat5 Signaling Specifies Basal versus Stress Erythropoietic Responses through Distinct Binary and Graded Dynamic Modalities

Ermelinda Porpiglia, Daniel Hidalgo, Miroslav Koulnis, Abraham R. Tzafriri, Merav Socolovsky