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Egyptian fruit bats landing on an apple in the lab

Image Credit: Yossi Yovel
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Recent studies show that the SONAR system of these bats is much more sophisticated than previously believed. Yovel et al. (e1001150) show that they change their sonar’s field of view according to the environment’s complexity.




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Research Articles

Active Control of Acoustic Field-of-View in a Biosonar System

Yossi Yovel, Ben Falk, Cynthia F. Moss, Nachum Ulanovsky

A Blind Circadian Clock in Cavefish Reveals that Opsins Mediate Peripheral Clock Photoreception

Nicola Cavallari, Elena Frigato, Daniela Vallone, Nadine Fröhlich, Jose Fernando Lopez-Olmeda, Augusto Foà, Roberto Berti, Francisco Javier Sánchez-Vázquez, Cristiano Bertolucci, Nicholas S. Foulkes

Pancreatic Mesenchyme Regulates Epithelial Organogenesis throughout Development

Limor Landsman, Amar Nijagal, Theresa J. Whitchurch, Renee L. VanderLaan, Warren E. Zimmer, Tippi C. MacKenzie, Matthias Hebrok

Mesenchymal Transition and Dissemination of Cancer Cells Is Driven by Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells Infiltrating the Primary Tumor

Benjamin Toh, Xiaojie Wang, Jo Keeble, Wen Jing Sim, Karen Khoo, Wing-Cheong Wong, Masashi Kato, Armelle Prevost-Blondel, Jean-Paul Thiery, Jean-Pierre Abastado

LIN-44/Wnt Directs Dendrite Outgrowth through LIN-17/Frizzled in C. elegans Neurons

Leonie Kirszenblat, Divya Pattabiraman, Massimo A. Hilliard

Natural Killer Cell Lytic Granule Secretion Occurs through a Pervasive Actin Network at the Immune Synapse

Gregory D. Rak, Emily M. Mace, Pinaki P. Banerjee, Tatyana Svitkina, Jordan S. Orange

Remodelling of Cortical Actin Where Lytic Granules Dock at Natural Killer Cell Immune Synapses Revealed by Super-Resolution Microscopy

Alice C. N. Brown, Stephane Oddos, Ian M. Dobbie, Juha-Matti Alakoskela, Richard M. Parton, Philipp Eissmann, Mark A. A. Neil, Christopher Dunsby, Paul M. W. French, Ilan Davis, Daniel M. Davis

ESRRA-C11orf20 Is a Recurrent Gene Fusion in Serous Ovarian Carcinoma

Julia Salzman, Robert J. Marinelli, Peter L. Wang, Ann E. Green, Julie S. Nielsen, Brad H. Nelson, Charles W. Drescher, Patrick O. Brown

Genetic Variation Shapes Protein Networks Mainly through Non-transcriptional Mechanisms

Eric J. Foss, Dragan Radulovic, Scott A. Shaffer, David R. Goodlett, Leonid Kruglyak, Antonio Bedalov

Transcriptome Analysis of the Arabidopsis Megaspore Mother Cell Uncovers the Importance of RNA Helicases for Plant Germline Development

Anja Schmidt, Samuel E. Wuest, Kitty Vijverberg, Célia Baroux, Daniela Kleen, Ueli Grossniklaus

Individual Actin Filaments in a Microfluidic Flow Reveal the Mechanism of ATP Hydrolysis and Give Insight Into the Properties of Profilin

Antoine Jégou, Thomas Niedermayer, József Orbán, Dominique Didry, Reinhard Lipowsky, Marie-France Carlier, Guillaume Romet-Lemonne

Binding of Superantigen Toxins into the CD28 Homodimer Interface Is Essential for Induction of Cytokine Genes That Mediate Lethal Shock

Gila Arad, Revital Levy, Iris Nasie, Dalia Hillman, Ziv Rotfogel, Uri Barash, Emmanuelle Supper, Tomer Shpilka, Adi Minis, Raymond Kaempfer