Table of Contents: February 2011


Neuropilin-1 mediates sensory motor axon interactions.

Image Credit: Rosa-Eva Huettl.
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During embryonic development, growing spinal projections establish complex neural networks with their peripheral targets. For proper limb innervation, motor and sensory axons converge in the brachial plexus to form spinal nerves. Wholemount staining of a mouse E10.5 embryo captures the growing sensory (red, neurofilament staining) and motor axons (green, Hb9::eGFP) in the brachial plexus of the forelimb. The study by Huettl et al. (e1001020) demonstrates that removal of the axon guidance receptor Neuropilin-1 from sensory neurons (Npn-1cond -/-;Ht-Pa-Cre+) results in breaking of the tight coupling between sensory and motor axons and defasciculation of sensory and, surprisingly, motor trajectories.


Using BLAST to Teach “E-value-tionary” Concepts

Cheryl A. Kerfeld, Kathleen M. Scott


Self-Organization and Regulation of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins with Folded N-Termini

Philip C. Simister, Fred Schaper, Nicola O'Reilly, Simon McGowan, Stephan M. Feller

Book Review/Science in the Media

Physics Incarnate

Cheryl A. Kerfeld


Research Articles

Structural Basis for c-di-GMP-Mediated Inside-Out Signaling Controlling Periplasmic Proteolysis

Marcos V. A. S. Navarro, Peter D. Newell, Petya V. Krasteva, Debashree Chatterjee, Dean R. Madden, George A. O'Toole, Holger Sondermann

A c-di-GMP Effector System Controls Cell Adhesion by Inside-Out Signaling and Surface Protein Cleavage

Peter D. Newell, Chelsea D. Boyd, Holger Sondermann, George A. O'Toole

Development of Axon-Target Specificity of Ponto-Cerebellar Afferents

Anna Kalinovsky, Fatiha Boukhtouche, Richard Blazeski, Caroline Bornmann, Noboru Suzuki, Carol A. Mason, Peter Scheiffele

Structural Basis of Response Regulator Dephosphorylation by Rap Phosphatases

Vijay Parashar, Nicolas Mirouze, David A. Dubnau, Matthew B. Neiditch

Noncanonical Compensation of Zygotic X Transcription in Early Drosophila melanogaster Development Revealed through Single-Embryo RNA-Seq

Susan E. Lott, Jacqueline E. Villalta, Gary P. Schroth, Shujun Luo, Leath A. Tonkin, Michael B. Eisen

A Promiscuous DNA Packaging Machine from Bacteriophage T4

Zhihong Zhang, Vishal I. Kottadiel, Reza Vafabakhsh, Li Dai, Yann R. Chemla, Taekjip Ha, Venigalla B. Rao

Break-Induced Replication Is Highly Inaccurate

Angela Deem, Andrea Keszthelyi, Tiffany Blackgrove, Alexandra Vayl, Barbara Coffey, Ruchi Mathur, Andrei Chabes, Anna Malkova

Genome-Wide and Phase-Specific DNA-Binding Rhythms of BMAL1 Control Circadian Output Functions in Mouse Liver

Guillaume Rey, François Cesbron, Jacques Rougemont, Hans Reinke, Michael Brunner, Felix Naef

Npn-1 Contributes to Axon-Axon Interactions That Differentially Control Sensory and Motor Innervation of the Limb

Rosa-Eva Huettl, Heidi Soellner, Elisa Bianchi, Bennett G. Novitch, Andrea B. Huber

Nodal Dependent Differential Localisation of Dishevelled-2 Demarcates Regions of Differing Cell Behaviour in the Visceral Endoderm

Georgios Trichas, Bradley Joyce, Lucy A. Crompton, Vivienne Wilkins, Melanie Clements, Masazumi Tada, Tristan A. Rodriguez, Shankar Srinivas