Table of Contents: November 2008


The mouth and five tentacles of Hydra.

Image Credit: Photo by Friederike Anton-Erxleben, Kiel University, Germany
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A freshwater polyp's head. Simultaneous and symmetric appearance of tentacles distinguishes Hydra magnipapillata from the closely related species Hydra oligactis. (see Khalturin et al., e278).



Foundations of Neuroeconomics: From Philosophy to Practice

John A Clithero, Dharol Tankersley, Scott A Huettel

Where Do Introns Come From?

Francesco Catania, Michael Lynch

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Metagenome Annotation Using a Distributed Grid of Undergraduate Students

Pascal Hingamp, Céline Brochier, Emmanuel Talla, Daniel Gautheret, Denis Thieffry, Carl Herrmann

Research Articles

Kin Discrimination Increases with Genetic Distance in a Social Amoeba

Elizabeth A Ostrowski, Mariko Katoh, Gad Shaulsky, David C Queller, Joan E Strassmann

Specific Immunosuppression with Inducible Foxp3-Transduced Polyclonal T cells

Kristian G Andersen, Tracey Butcher, Alexander G Betz

S-Nitrosylation of Surfactant Protein-D Controls Inflammatory Function

Chang-Jiang Guo, Elena N Atochina-Vasserman, Elena Abramova, Joseph P Foley, Aisha Zaman, Erika Crouch, Michael F Beers, Rashmin C Savani, Andrew J Gow

The Making of a Compound Inflorescence in Tomato and Related Nightshades

Zachary B Lippman, Oded Cohen, John P Alvarez, Mohamad Abu-Abied, Irena Pekker, Ilan Paran, Yuval Eshed, Dani Zamir

A Novel Gene Family Controls Species-Specific Morphological Traits in Hydra

Konstantin Khalturin, Friederike Anton-Erxleben, Sylvia Sassmann, Jörg Wittlieb, Georg Hemmrich, Thomas C. G Bosch

Exdpf Is a Key Regulator of Exocrine Pancreas Development Controlled by Retinoic Acid and ptf1a in Zebrafish

Zhi Jiang, Jianbo Song, Fei Qi, An Xiao, Xizhou An, Ning-ai Liu, Zuoyang Zhu, Bo Zhang, Shuo Lin

Cdk5 Regulates Accurate Maturation of Newborn Granule Cells in the Adult Hippocampus

Sebastian Jessberger, Stefan Aigner, Gregory D Clemenson Jr., Nicolas Toni, D. Chichung Lie, Özlem Karalay, Rupert Overall, Gerd Kempermann, Fred H Gage

Drosophila Neurotrophins Reveal a Common Mechanism for Nervous System Formation

Bangfu Zhu, Jenny A Pennack, Peter McQuilton, Manuel G Forero, Kenji Mizuguchi, Ben Sutcliffe, Chun-Jing Gu, Janine C Fenton, Alicia Hidalgo

Gamma-Secretase Represents a Therapeutic Target for the Treatment of Invasive Glioma Mediated by the p75 Neurotrophin Receptor

LiMei Wang, Jennifer J Rahn, XueQing Lun, Beichen Sun, John J. P Kelly, Samuel Weiss, Stephen M Robbins, Peter A Forsyth, Donna L Senger

COPI Complex Is a Regulator of Lipid Homeostasis

Mathias Beller, Carole Sztalryd, Noel Southall, Ming Bell, Herbert Jäckle, Douglas S Auld, Brian Oliver

Chromatin- and Transcription-Related Factors Repress Transcription from within Coding Regions throughout the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Genome

Vanessa Cheung, Gordon Chua, Nizar N Batada, Christian R Landry, Stephen W Michnick, Timothy R Hughes, Fred Winston

Intergenic Locations of Rice Centromeric Chromatin

Huihuang Yan, Paul B Talbert, Hye-Ran Lee, Jamie Jett, Steven Henikoff, Feng Chen, Jiming Jiang

Prion Switching in Response to Environmental Stress

Jens Tyedmers, Maria Lucia Madariaga, Susan Lindquist


Correction: Rice XB15, a Protein Phosphatase 2C, Negatively Regulates Cell Death and XA21-Mediated Innate Immunity

Chang-Jin Park, Ying Peng, Xuewei Chen, Christopher Dardick, DeLing Ruan, Rebecca Bart, Patrick E Canlas, Pamela C Ronald

Correction: Impaired Genome Maintenance Suppresses the Growth Hormone–Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Axis in Mice with Cockayne Syndrome

Ingrid van der Pluijm, George A Garinis, Renata M. C Brandt, Theo G. M. F Gorgels, Susan W Wijnhoven, Karin E. M Diderich, Jan de Wit, James R Mitchell, Conny van Oostrom, Rudolf Beems, Laura J Niedernhofer, Susana Velasco, Errol C Friedberg, Kiyoji Tanaka, Harry van Steeg, Jan H. J Hoeijmakers, Gijsbertus T. J van der Horst