Table of Contents: May 2008


A Drosophila head with four fluorescent tagged olfactory receptor genes.

Image Credit: Design by Anandasankar Ray and Woodstock Tom; SEM by Jennifer Perry
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Molecular zip codes for odor receptor gene choice in Drosophila. Scanning electron micrograph of a Drosophila head overlaid with expression patterns of four odor receptor genes in the antenna (blue, yellow, and magenta) and the maxillary palp (green). Sequences represent cis elements conserved upstream of odor receptor genes across 12 Drosophila species.



Evolution and Creationism in America's Classrooms: A National Portrait

Michael B Berkman, Julianna Sandell Pacheco, Eric Plutzer

Unsolved Mystery


The Challenge of Conserving Amphibian Megadiversity in Madagascar

Franco Andreone, Angus I Carpenter, Neil Cox, Louis du Preez, Karen Freeman, Samuel Furrer, Gerardo Garcia, Frank Glaw, Julian Glos, David Knox, Jörn Köhler, Joseph R Mendelson III, Vincenzo Mercurio, Russell A Mittermeier, Robin D Moore, Nirhy H. C Rabibisoa, Herilala Randriamahazo, Harison Randrianasolo, Noromalala Rasoamampionona Raminosoa, Olga Ravoahangimalala Ramilijaona, Christopher J Raxworthy, Denis Vallan, Miguel Vences, David R Vieites, Ché Weldon

Book Review/Science in the Media

The Allure of the Few

Barry W Brook


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Research Articles

Resource Heterogeneity Moderates the Biodiversity-Function Relationship in Real World Ecosystems

Jason M Tylianakis, Tatyana A Rand, Ansgar Kahmen, Alexandra-Maria Klein, Nina Buchmann, Jörg Perner, Teja Tscharntke

Nongenetic Individuality in the Host–Phage Interaction

Sivan Pearl, Chana Gabay, Roy Kishony, Amos Oppenheim, Nathalie Q Balaban

Circadian Transcription Contributes to Core Period Determination in Drosophila

Sebastian Kadener, Jerome S Menet, Rebecca Schoer, Michael Rosbash

Notch-Deficient Skin Induces a Lethal Systemic B-Lymphoproliferative Disorder by Secreting TSLP, a Sentinel for Epidermal Integrity

Shadmehr Demehri, Zhenyi Liu, Jonghyeob Lee, Meei-Hua Lin, Seth D Crosby, Christopher J Roberts, Perry W Grigsby, Jeffrey H Miner, Andrew G Farr, Raphael Kopan

Genetic and Physiologic Dissection of the Vertebrate Cardiac Conduction System

Neil C Chi, Robin M Shaw, Benno Jungblut, Jan Huisken, Tania Ferrer, Rima Arnaout, Ian Scott, Dimitris Beis, Tong Xiao, Herwig Baier, Lily Y Jan, Martin Tristani-Firouzi, Didier Y. R Stainier

Mapping the Genetic Architecture of Gene Expression in Human Liver

Eric E Schadt, Cliona Molony, Eugene Chudin, Ke Hao, Xia Yang, Pek Y Lum, Andrew Kasarskis, Bin Zhang, Susanna Wang, Christine Suver, Jun Zhu, Joshua Millstein, Solveig Sieberts, John Lamb, Debraj GuhaThakurta, Jonathan Derry, John D Storey, Iliana Avila-Campillo, Mark J Kruger, Jason M Johnson, Carol A Rohl, Atila van Nas, Margarete Mehrabian, Thomas A Drake, Aldons J Lusis, Ryan C Smith, F. Peter Guengerich, Stephen C Strom, Erin Schuetz, Thomas H Rushmore, Roger Ulrich

Biogenesis of the Trypanosome Endo-Exocytotic Organelle Is Cytoskeleton Mediated

Mélanie Bonhivers, Sophie Nowacki, Nicolas Landrein, Derrick R Robinson

Topography of Thalamic Projections Requires Attractive and Repulsive Functions of Netrin-1 in the Ventral Telencephalon

Ashton W Powell, Takayuki Sassa, Yongqin Wu, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Franck Polleux

A Regulatory Code for Neuron-Specific Odor Receptor Expression

Anandasankar Ray, Wynand van der Goes van Naters, John R Carlson

The Parasexual Cycle in Candida albicans Provides an Alternative Pathway to Meiosis for the Formation of Recombinant Strains

Anja Forche, Kevin Alby, Dana Schaefer, Alexander D Johnson, Judith Berman, Richard J Bennett

Allele-Specific Up-Regulation of FGFR2 Increases Susceptibility to Breast Cancer

Kerstin B Meyer, Ana-Teresa Maia, Martin O'Reilly, Andrew E Teschendorff, Suet-Feung Chin, Carlos Caldas, Bruce A. J Ponder

Distinct DNA Exit and Packaging Portals in the Virus Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus

Nathan Zauberman, Yael Mutsafi, Daniel Ben Halevy, Eyal Shimoni, Eugenia Klein, Chuan Xiao, Siyang Sun, Abraham Minsky

Raf Activation Is Regulated by Tyrosine 510 Phosphorylation in Drosophila

Fan Xia, Jinghong Li, Gavin W Hickey, Amy Tsurumi, Kimberly Larson, Dongdong Guo, Shian-Jang Yan, Louis Silver-Morse, Willis X Li