Table of Contents: August 2006


Three types of viruses that infect marine bacteria.

Image Credit: Photos by Bin Ni, Peter R. Weigele, and Matthew B. Sullivan
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Viruses, belonging to three morphotypes, that infect the globally abundant marine cyanobacteria Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus. As reported in this issue of PLoS Biology, photosynthesis genes are common in the genomes of these viruses. Furthermore, significant genetic exchanges occur between the viruses and their hosts, influencing photosystem evolution (see Chisholm et al.).


Biodiversity Loss Threatens Human Well-Being

Sandra Díaz, Joseph Fargione, F. Stuart Chapin III, David Tilman


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Research Articles

Structural Organization of the 19S Proteasome Lid: Insights from MS of Intact Complexes

Michal Sharon, Thomas Taverner, Xavier I Ambroggio, Raymond J Deshaies, Carol V Robinson

c-Type Cytochrome-Dependent Formation of U(IV) Nanoparticles by Shewanella oneidensis

Matthew J Marshall, Alexander S Beliaev, Alice C Dohnalkova, David W Kennedy, Liang Shi, Zheming Wang, Maxim I Boyanov, Barry Lai, Kenneth M Kemner, Jeffrey S McLean, Samantha B Reed, David E Culley, Vanessa L Bailey, Cody J Simonson, Daad A Saffarini, Margaret F Romine, John M Zachara, James K Fredrickson

Evolution of Melanopsin Photoreceptors: Discovery and Characterization of a New Melanopsin in Nonmammalian Vertebrates

James Bellingham, Shyam S Chaurasia, Zara Melyan, Cuimei Liu, Morven A Cameron, Emma E Tarttelin, P. Michael Iuvone, Mark W Hankins, Gianluca Tosini, Robert J Lucas

Prevalence and Evolution of Core Photosystem II Genes in Marine Cyanobacterial Viruses and Their Hosts

Matthew B Sullivan, Debbie Lindell, Jessica A Lee, Luke R Thompson, Joseph P Bielawski, Sallie W Chisholm

Ancient Host–Pathogen Associations Maintained by Specificity of Chemotaxis and Antibiosis

Nicole M Gerardo, Sarah R Jacobs, Cameron R Currie, Ulrich G Mueller

Gene Expression Analysis of Zebrafish Heart Regeneration

Ching-Ling Lien, Michael Schebesta, Shinji Makino, Gerhard J Weber, Mark T Keating

Repression of Smoothened by Patched-Dependent (Pro-)Vitamin D3 Secretion

Maarten F Bijlsma, C. Arnold Spek, Danica Zivkovic, Sandra van de Water, Farhad Rezaee, Maikel P Peppelenbosch

Metazoan Scc4 Homologs Link Sister Chromatid Cohesion to Cell and Axon Migration Guidance

Vlad C Seitan, Peter Banks, Steve Laval, Nazia A Majid, Dale Dorsett, Amer Rana, Jim Smith, Alex Bateman, Sanja Krpic, Arnd Hostert, Robert A Rollins, Hediye Erdjument-Bromage, Paul Tempst, Claire Y Benard, Siegfried Hekimi, Sarah F Newbury, Tom Strachan

Tomosyn Inhibits Synaptic Vesicle Priming in Caenorhabditis elegans

Elena O Gracheva, Anna O Burdina, Andrea M Holgado, Martine Berthelot-Grosjean, Brian D Ackley, Gayla Hadwiger, Michael L Nonet, Robby M Weimer, Janet E Richmond

Compensatory Growth Impairs Adult Cognitive Performance

Michael O Fisher, Ruedi G Nager, Pat Monaghan

Dinosaur Fossils Predict Body Temperatures

James F Gillooly, Andrew P Allen, Eric L Charnov