Table of Contents: September 2005


Taste circuit in Drosophila.

Image Credit: Image by Christoph Melcher
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The fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, like other multicellular organisms, decides whether to feed or not based on external stimuli, including gustatory information. Displayed is a composite fluorescence image of a Drosophila brain showing a population of neurons interconnecting taste input with higher brain centers, thereby modulating the fly's feeding behavior. See Melcher and Pankratz.


Replication Publication

Mark Patterson, Lon Cardon


Science Star over Asia

Chris Y. H Tan


Book Review/Science in the Media

A Night Out with the Nerds

Sandra Knapp, James Mallet

Community Page

Peer Review—The Newcomers' Perspective

Gaell Mainguy, Mohammad R Motamedi, Daniel Mietchen

Research Articles

Functional Identification of Catalytic Metal Ion Binding Sites within RNA

James L Hougland, Alexander V Kravchuk, Daniel Herschlag, Joseph A Piccirilli

The Genomics of Disulfide Bonding and Protein Stabilization in Thermophiles

Morgan Beeby, Brian D O'Connor, Carsten Ryttersgaard, Daniel R Boutz, L. Jeanne Perry, Todd O Yeates

Speciation and Gene Flow between Snails of Opposite Chirality

Angus Davison, Satoshi Chiba, Nicholas H Barton, Bryan Clarke

Genomic Islands of Speciation in Anopheles gambiae

Thomas L Turner, Matthew W Hahn, Sergey V Nuzhdin

Whole-Genome Analysis of Human Influenza A Virus Reveals Multiple Persistent Lineages and Reassortment among Recent H3N2 Viruses

Edward C Holmes, Elodie Ghedin, Naomi Miller, Jill Taylor, Yiming Bao, Kirsten St George, Bryan T Grenfell, Steven L Salzberg, Claire M Fraser, David J Lipman, Jeffery K Taubenberger

Malaria Infection Increases Attractiveness of Humans to Mosquitoes

Renaud Lacroix, Wolfgang R Mukabana, Louis Clement Gouagna, Jacob C Koella

Niche-Independent Symmetrical Self-Renewal of a Mammalian Tissue Stem Cell

Luciano Conti, Steven M Pollard, Thorsten Gorba, Erika Reitano, Mauro Toselli, Gerardo Biella, Yirui Sun, Sveva Sanzone, Qi-Long Ying, Elena Cattaneo, Austin Smith

The Temporal Requirements for Insulin Signaling During Development in Drosophila

Alexander W Shingleton, Jayatri Das, Lucio Vinicius, David L Stern

Facilitation of Task Performance and Removal of the Effects of Sleep Deprivation by an Ampakine (CX717) in Nonhuman Primates

Linda J Porrino, James B Daunais, Gary A Rogers, Robert E Hampson, Sam A Deadwyler

Aging and Gene Expression in the Primate Brain

Hunter B Fraser, Philipp Khaitovich, Joshua B Plotkin, Svante Pääbo, Michael B Eisen

Lack of Support for the Association between GAD2 Polymorphisms and Severe Human Obesity

Michael M Swarbrick, Björn Waldenmaier, Len A Pennacchio, Denise L Lind, Martha M Cavazos, Frank Geller, Raphael Merriman, Anna Ustaszewska, Mary Malloy, André Scherag, Wen-Chi Hsueh, Winfried Rief, Franck Mauvais-Jarvis, Clive R Pullinger, John P Kane, Robert Dent, Ruth McPherson, Pui-Yan Kwok, Anke Hinney, Johannes Hebebrand, Christian Vaisse