Table of Contents: June 2005


A malarial sporozoite in an infected epithelial cell.

Image Credit: Image by Ute Frevert; false color by Margaret Shear
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Malaria is transmitted to people and animals by mosquitoes. Malarial sporozoites develop inside oocysts and are released in large numbers into the hemocoel of Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes. This false-colored electron micrograph shows a sporozoite migrating through the cytoplasm of midgut epithelia. See Frevert et al.


The Evolution of Norms

Paul R Ehrlich, Simon A Levin


Book Review/Science in the Media

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Guidelines for Negotiating Scientific Collaboration

Neil R Smalheiser, Guy A Perkins, Steve Jones

Research Articles

A Scan for Positively Selected Genes in the Genomes of Humans and Chimpanzees

Rasmus Nielsen, Carlos Bustamante, Andrew G Clark, Stephen Glanowski, Timothy B Sackton, Melissa J Hubisz, Adi Fledel-Alon, David M Tanenbaum, Daniel Civello, Thomas J White, John J. Sninsky, Mark D Adams, Michele Cargill

A New Yeast Poly(A) Polymerase Complex Involved in RNA Quality Control

Štěpánka Vaňáčová, Jeannette Wolf, Georges Martin, Diana Blank, Sabine Dettwiler, Arno Friedlein, Hanno Langen, Gérard Keith, Walter Keller

A Three-Stemmed mRNA Pseudoknot in the SARS Coronavirus Frameshift Signal

Ewan P Plant, Gabriela C Pérez-Alvarado, Jonathan L Jacobs, Bani Mukhopadhyay, Mirko Hennig, Jonathan D Dinman

Inhibition of Mutation and Combating the Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance

Ryan T Cirz, Jodie K Chin, David R Andes, Valérie de Crécy-Lagard, William A Craig, Floyd E Romesberg

Intravital Observation of Plasmodium berghei Sporozoite Infection of the Liver

Ute Frevert, Sabine Engelmann, Sergine Zougbédé, Jörg Stange, Bruce Ng, Kai Matuschewski, Leonard Liebes, Herman Yee

Antigen-Engaged B Cells Undergo Chemotaxis toward the T Zone and Form Motile Conjugates with Helper T Cells

Takaharu Okada, Mark J Miller, Ian Parker, Matthew F Krummel, Margaret Neighbors, Suzanne B Hartley, Anne O'Garra, Michael D Cahalan, Jason G Cyster

Apoptotic Cells Deliver Processed Antigen to Dendritic Cells for Cross-Presentation

Nathalie E Blachère, Robert B Darnell, Matthew L Albert

Engineering a Dimeric Caspase-9: A Re-evaluation of the Induced Proximity Model for Caspase Activation

Yang Chao, Eric N Shiozaki, Srinivasa M Srinivasula, Daniel J Rigotti, Robert Fairman, Yigong Shi

Oxygenation Inhibits the Physiological Tissue-Protecting Mechanism and Thereby Exacerbates Acute Inflammatory Lung Injury

Manfred Thiel, Alexander Chouker, Akio Ohta, Edward Jackson, Charles Caldwell, Patrick Smith, Dmitry Lukashev, Iris Bittmann, Michail V Sitkovsky

Determination of Stromal Signatures in Breast Carcinoma

Robert B West, Dimitry S. A Nuyten, Subbaya Subramanian, Torsten O Nielsen, Christopher L Corless, Brian P Rubin, Kelli Montgomery, Shirley Zhu, Rajiv Patel, Tina Hernandez-Boussard, John R Goldblum, Patrick O Brown, Marc van de Vijver, Matt van de Rijn

Neuronal Migration and Ventral Subtype Identity in the Telencephalon Depend on SOX1

Antigoni Ekonomou, Ilias Kazanis, Stavros Malas, Heather Wood, Pavlos Alifragis, Myrto Denaxa, Domna Karagogeos, Andrew Constanti, Robin Lovell-Badge, Vasso Episkopou

Function of a Fly Motion-Sensitive Neuron Matches Eye Movements during Free Flight

Roland Kern, J. H van Hateren, Christian Michaelis, Jens Peter Lindemann, Martin Egelhaaf