Table of Contents: March 2005


U-shaped somites in zebrafish you mutant embryos.

Image Credit: Image by Ian G. Woods
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Zebrafish mutants with disrupted Hedgehog signaling exhibit U-shaped somites, as seen in the you mutant (top), instead of the chevron shape seen in wild-type embryos (bottom). (See Woods and Talbot)


Expressing the Big Picture

Hemai Parthasarathy



Community Page

The Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource: From Vision to Blueprint

Bjoern Peters, John Sidney, Phil Bourne, Huynh-Hoa Bui, Soeren Buus, Grace Doh, Ward Fleri, Mitch Kronenberg, Ralph Kubo, Ole Lund, David Nemazee, Julia V Ponomarenko, Muthu Sathiamurthy, Stephen Schoenberger, Scott Stewart, Pamela Surko, Scott Way, Steve Wilson, Alessandro Sette

Research Articles

Predictive Spatial Dynamics and Strategic Planning for Raccoon Rabies Emergence in Ohio

Colin A Russell, David L Smith, James E Childs, Leslie A Real

Recombination Every Day: Abundant Recombination in a Virus during a Single Multi-Cellular Host Infection

Remy Froissart, Denis Roze, Marilyne Uzest, Lionel Galibert, Stephane Blanc, Yannis Michalakis

Principles of MicroRNA–Target Recognition

Julius Brennecke, Alexander Stark, Robert B Russell, Stephen M Cohen

Basal Immunoglobulin Signaling Actively Maintains Developmental Stage in Immature B Cells

Lina E Tze, Brian R Schram, Kong-Peng Lam, Kristin A Hogquist, Keli L Hippen, Jiabin Liu, Susan A Shinton, Kevin L Otipoby, Peter R Rodine, Amanda L Vegoe, Manfred Kraus, Richard R Hardy, Mark S Schlissel, Klaus Rajewsky, Timothy W Behrens

Modeling the Mutualistic Interactions between Tubeworms and Microbial Consortia

Erik E Cordes, Michael A Arthur, Katriona Shea, Rolf S Arvidson, Charles R Fisher

Highly Nonrandom Features of Synaptic Connectivity in Local Cortical Circuits

Sen Song, Per Jesper Sjöström, Markus Reigl, Sacha Nelson, Dmitri B Chklovskii

Location Coding by Opponent Neural Populations in the Auditory Cortex

G. Christopher Stecker, Ian A Harrington, John C Middlebrooks

Grasping the Intentions of Others with One's Own Mirror Neuron System

Marco Iacoboni, Istvan Molnar-Szakacs, Vittorio Gallese, Giovanni Buccino, John C Mazziotta, Giacomo Rizzolatti

Recent Origin and Cultural Reversion of a Hunter–Gatherer Group

Hiroki Oota, Brigitte Pakendorf, Gunter Weiss, Arndt von Haeseler, Surin Pookajorn, Wannapa Settheetham-Ishida, Danai Tiwawech, Takafumi Ishida, Mark Stoneking


Correction: Dictyostelium Myosin Bipolar Thick Filament Formation: Importance of Charge and Specific Domains of the Myosin Rod

Daniel Hostetter, Sarah Rice, Sara Dean, David Altman, Peggy M McMahon, Shirley Sutton, Ashutosh Tripathy, James A Spudich