Table of Contents: February 2004


Seeing through a glass darkly.

Image Credit: The cover image was provided by Gregor Rainer, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cynbernetics, and it is based on a public domain photo by Ken Stansell, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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The cover shows a degraded version of a natural image—in this case, an African lion—used to investigate neural correlates of learning. Monkeys were trained to identify such images and accompanying changes in the activity of visual cortext neurons were recorded. (See Rainer, et al.)


PLoS Medicine

Barbara Cohen



World on Fire

Steve Bunk

Unsolved Mystery

What Causes Stuttering?

Christian Büchel, Martin Sommer

Book Review/Science in the Media

Journal Club


Community Pages

Quality Information for Improved Health

Patricia L Thibodeau, Carla J Funk

Research Articles

Immune Activation and CD8+ T-Cell Differentiation towards Senescence in HIV-1 Infection

Laura Papagno, Celsa A Spina, Arnaud Marchant, Mariolina Salio, Nathalie Rufer, Susan Little, Tao Dong, Gillian Chesney, Anele Waters, Philippa Easterbrook, P. Rod Dunbar, Dawn Shepherd, Vincenzo Cerundolo, Vincent Emery, Paul Griffiths, Christopher Conlon, Andrew J McMichael, Douglas D Richman, Sarah L Rowland-Jones, Victor Appay

Treatment of Terminal Peritoneal Carcinomatosis by a Transducible p53-Activating Peptide

Eric L Snyder, Bryan R Meade, Cheryl C Saenz, Steven F Dowdy

pRb Inactivation in Mammary Cells Reveals Common Mechanisms for Tumor Initiation and Progression in Divergent Epithelia

Karl Simin, Hua Wu, Lucy Lu, Dan Pinkel, Donna Albertson, Robert D Cardiff, Terry Van Dyke

Gene Expression Signature of Fibroblast Serum Response Predicts Human Cancer Progression: Similarities between Tumors and Wounds

Howard Y Chang, Julie B Sneddon, Ash A Alizadeh, Ruchira Sood, Rob B West, Kelli Montgomery, Jen-Tsan Chi, Matt van de Rijn, David Botstein, Patrick O Brown

Lefty Blocks a Subset of TGFβ Signals by Antagonizing EGF-CFC Coreceptors

Simon K Cheng, Felix Olale, Ali H Brivanlou, Alexander F Schier