Table of Contents: October 2003


Borneo elephants, a genetically distinct taxon native to Borneo.

Image Credit: Photograph kindly provided by Cede Prudente, World Wildlife Fund, Malaysia
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The cover shows native Borneo elephants, which are now recognized as genetically distinct from other Asian elephants. The Borneo elephants are therefore a high priority for conservation. (See Fernando, et al.)

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Patrick O Brown, Michael B Eisen, Harold E Varmus


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Philip Bernstein, Barbara Cohen, Catriona MacCallum, Hemai Parthasarathy, Mark Patterson, Vivian Siegel


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Thomas R Insel, Nora D Volkow, Ting-Kai Li, James F Battey Jr, Story C Landis


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Bill O'Neill

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Glenn Otis Brown

Research Articles

Drosophila Free-Running Rhythms Require Intercellular Communication

Ying Peng, Dan Stoleru, Joel D Levine, Jeffrey C Hall, Michael Rosbash

Candidate Gene Association Study in Type 2 Diabetes Indicates a Role for Genes Involved in β-Cell Function as Well as Insulin Action

Inês Barroso, Jian'an Luan, Rita P. S Middelberg, Anne-Helen Harding, Paul W Franks, Rupert W Jakes, David Clayton, Alan J Schafer, Stephen O'Rahilly, Nicholas J Wareham

A Functional Analysis of the Spacer of V(D)J Recombination Signal Sequences

Alfred Ian Lee, Sebastian D Fugmann, Lindsay G Cowell, Leon M Ptaszek, Garnett Kelsoe, David G Schatz

Developmental Origin and Evolution of Bacteriocytes in the Aphid–Buchnera Symbiosis

Christian Braendle, Toru Miura, Ryan Bickel, Alexander W Shingleton, Srinivas Kambhampati, David L Stern

Genome-Wide RNAi of C. elegans Using the Hypersensitive rrf-3 Strain Reveals Novel Gene Functions

Femke Simmer, Celine Moorman, Alexander M van der Linden, Ewart Kuijk, Peter V.E van den Berghe, Ravi S Kamath, Andrew G Fraser, Julie Ahringer, Ronald H. A Plasterk

DNA Analysis Indicates That Asian Elephants Are Native to Borneo and Are Therefore a High Priority for Conservation

Prithiviraj Fernando, T. N. C Vidya, John Payne, Michael Stuewe, Geoffrey Davison, Raymond J Alfred, Patrick Andau, Edwin Bosi, Annelisa Kilbourn, Don J Melnick