Table of Contents: October 2015


Organ Growth: Scaling the Drosophila Wing

Image Credit: Joseph Parker
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From dwarves to giants, scaling is a universal property of animal organs, but its mechanistic basis is poorly understood. Here, Parker and Struhl identify a molecular circuit involving TOR and Yorkie that underlies scaling of the Drosophila wing. The image shows superimposed Drosophila wings from well-fed (large) and starved (small, false-colored blue) animals of the same genotype, illustrating the wing's capacity to scale dramatically in size.


A Molecular Clue to PTSD

Richard Robinson

Unsolved Mystery


Risk of Bias in Reports of In Vivo Research: A Focus for Improvement

Malcolm R. Macleod, Aaron Lawson McLean, Aikaterini Kyriakopoulou, Stylianos Serghiou, Arno de Wilde, Nicki Sherratt, Theo Hirst, Rachel Hemblade, Zsanett Bahor, Cristina Nunes-Fonseca, Aparna Potluru, Andrew Thomson, Julija Baginskitae, Kieren Egan, Hanna Vesterinen, Gillian L. Currie, Leonid Churilov, David W. Howells, Emily S. Sena

Nonmedical Uses of Antibiotics: Time to Restrict Their Use?

Richard William Meek, Hrushi Vyas, Laura Jane Violet Piddock


To Replay, Perchance to Consolidate

Lisa Genzel, Edwin M. Robertson

Community Pages A New Model for Managing, Documenting, and Sharing Citizen Science Data

Yiwei Wang, Nicole Kaplan, Greg Newman, Russell Scarpino

Meta-research: Evaluation and Improvement of Research Methods and Practices

John P. A. Ioannidis, Daniele Fanelli, Debbie Drake Dunne, Steven N. Goodman

Research Articles

APOE Stabilization by Exercise Prevents Aging Neurovascular Dysfunction and Complement Induction

Ileana Soto, Leah C. Graham, Hannah J. Richter, Stephen N. Simeone, Jake E. Radell, Weronika Grabowska, W. Keith Funkhouser, Megan C. Howell, Gareth R. Howell

Decreased SGK1 Expression and Function Contributes to Behavioral Deficits Induced by Traumatic Stress

Pawel Licznerski, Vanja Duric, Mounira Banasr, Kambiz N. Alavian, Kristie T. Ota, Hyo Jung Kang, Elizabeth A. Jonas, Robert Ursano, John H. Krystal, Ronald S. Duman , Traumatic Stress Brain Study Group

Live Fast, Die Young: Experimental Evidence of Population Extinction Risk due to Climate Change

Elvire Bestion, Aimeric Teyssier, Murielle Richard, Jean Clobert, Julien Cote

The IRE1α/XBP1s Pathway Is Essential for the Glucose Response and Protection of β Cells

Justin R. Hassler, Donalyn L. Scheuner, Shiyu Wang, Jaeseok Han, Vamsi K. Kodali, Philip Li, Julie Nguyen, Jenny S. George, Cory Davis, Shengyang P. Wu, Yongsheng Bai, Maureen Sartor, James Cavalcoli, Harmeet Malhi, Gregory Baudouin, Yaoyang Zhang, John R. Yates III, Pamela Itkin-Ansari, Niels Volkmann, Randal J. Kaufman

Suppression of Dendritic Cell-Derived IL-12 by Endogenous Glucocorticoids Is Protective in LPS-Induced Sepsis

Caiyi C. Li, Ivana Munitic, Paul R. Mittelstadt, Ehydel Castro, Jonathan D. Ashwell

Synaptotagmin-1 and -7 Are Redundantly Essential for Maintaining the Capacity of the Readily-Releasable Pool of Synaptic Vesicles

Taulant Bacaj, Dick Wu, Jacqueline Burré, Robert C. Malenka, Xinran Liu, Thomas C. Südhof